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Angel Trust NGO daily feeding
Angel Trust NGO medical treatment for stray dogs


Emergency Medical Ambulance- we help run a emergency ambulance for stray animals on the streets of Delhi. In our experience the biggest cause of dealth of animals is not lack of food or disease but cars. And people rarely bother to take a animal that they have hit to a local government animal hospital to get trreatment or call someone to at least give first aid. We try and raise awareness about this and help provide a cost effective meausure to anyone who sees a stray in need of any kind of medical help.

Angel Trust NGO stray animals love humans
Angel Trust NGO stray animals love



Dog neutering - we believe this is the closest thing to a panacea in the field of stray dogs and animal welfare. Not only does the population of stray remain under control but after neutering the dogs bark less and also become less aggressive. This helps us as dog bites and rabies cases drastically reduce. Its a win-win for everyone. Till now we have got about 30 odd dogs neutered over the course of 2 years. We run neutering drives twice a year for sure and also get it done on case-by case basis.


"Don't buy, please adopt" awareness - this is crucial as the pet shops and breeders follow cruel and imhumane practices like forcible mating between mother and son and father and daugther. More so they don't care about the welfare of the animals but only interested in making money of their mnisery. We believe animals also have a soul like us and feel pain. They are not commodities to earn profit off.


Daily feeding - we feed about 20 dogs daily near our vicinty. And on weely rouinds we feed as many as 35 to 40 dogs. This not only provides the hapless strays sustenance but also reduces man-animal conflict as the strays see humans not as a source of threat but as a friiend. Hence redcing dog bites and rabies cases. In fact feeding stray dogs is considered as a potent tool in the fight against rabies. 


Counselling of kids regarding animal cruelty - many times we see kids in their callow youth abusing and making lives of stray animals a living hell. We believe that inside every human is a wonderful caring person and the only thing required is sensitzing and raising of the level of empathy.  We have spent many hours in counselling people especially young kids that everyone animal has a soul and is capable of feeling pain just like them. The result has been very promising as kids who earlier used to hit stray dogs with sticks and pelt them stones, now feed them every day and stand up to defend them when some other person tries to abuse them.


Animal rights awareness and Pro-bono legal assistance - the Constitution of India in Article 51A(g) clearly lays down a fundamental duty that we all must follow and that is "compassion for animals". And that is what we try and do every day. In fact for us it is not a matter of animal rights but a question of human responsibility. And from our little experience even if one person in a locality tries to do something for the stray dogs around them, other follow his example and also start doing a little bit. It is almost contagious of how one dog feeder makes other realise the virtue in this and soon enough more and more people join in. Please visit our Facebook page (link in the footer) for latest animals rights news curated from the newspapers in India.

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