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We would be grateful if you would be interested in volunteering with us. Again, there is no time commitment and even 15 minutes of your time will go a long way to support the cause. Please email us at to volunteer.

Since we are a very young NGO, we do not have source of funds (apart from my own salary). Any sort of expertise (like legal, accounting, designing etc.) would be greatly welcome as we do not have much funds to hire the best people in the field.

Even if you can't help or collaborate with us it doesn't matter. What matters is that you raise the voice for those who can't raise it for themselves. Look around you and just try and make a difference in your locality. Feed a few strays every day (or whenever you can), tell people like your friends and relatives not to buy pets but adopt from shleters (for example Red Paws, Friendicoes, Sai dog adoption) or streets. Even if you convince one person to not buy from breeders, you would have made a huge difference in this world.





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