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"A measure of progress of society is how it treats it animals " - Mahatma Gandhi 

Most important thing that you can donate us is your attention to animal rights and a realisation that you can make a huge difference in making this world a better place. 


And if you feel that we are taking that cause further then we please request you to donate whatever is that you wish to help us sustain this effort. It can be cash, kind (dog food, medicine etc).


Even if you can spare 10 Indian rupees (0.2 US$) we would be grateful. Some bread in butter costs about 6 Indian rupees and is no less than a gold dust for the stray puppy who is surviving on eating dead rats.


If you want you can also please send us dog food or animal medicine. Please contact at for our mailing address.

The details of the NGO are:
Account Holder's Name - Angel trust
Bank name - Bank of India, Vikas Marg branch, Delhi
Account number – 605310110010422
Bank Address - Vikas Marg, A 45-46, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi - 110092
IFSC Code- BKID0006053


Tax deduction - We have now been certified by the Income Tax Authorities and all your donations would now be exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax act.


Foreign donations - for this we need to register with the Indian government under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) which we will be undertaking shortly. In the meantime, patrons from abroad can certainly enter into a contract with us to feed let's say 10 stray dogs and as a consideration for that send us money or dog food. We would highly welcome that and take pride in making sure that every penny reaches the belly of strays.


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