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We are a small NGO with big dreams operating out of the National Capital Region of Delhi, India. Our activities include daily feeding about 20 stray dogs and cats, providing medical facility, conducting stray dogs neutering drives, raising adoption awareness (that is not buying from cruel and exploitative puppy mills but taking in dogs from the street only, often referred to as Desi or Indies) and more recently, taking up animal cruelty cases.


The NGO is registered as a trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with all the necessary paperwork and documentation done. Also, recently we also got our 80G certification from the Income Tax Authorities and all donations to us are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.


Do check our latest updates and activities on


Our Principal Office and Area of Operation

Delhi, India 


Our main activities include:

* Dog netering and sterilization.

* "Dont buy, please adopt" awareness programme.

* Daily feeding of stray dogs.

* Runnning Animal Emergency Ambulance.

* Counselling of kids regarding animal cruelty and animal rights.
* Pro-bono legal assiatance in animal cruelty cases.
* Animal Rights and awareness.


The NGO is co-founded and run by Siddhartha K Garg, a lawyer from Delhi


Brief antecedents:
*Fomer Law Clerk-cum-Research Assistant to Chief Justice of India (retd.) P. Sathasivam &

*Former Junior Research Scholar, Law and Economics Department University of California, Berkeley.

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